This Is What The Truth Feels Like Deluxe Lithograph Set


Purchase the highly anticipated album from Gwen Stefani, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, in this deluxe lithograph set. This bundle includes a photo strip from Gwen, 2 postcards, 4 10x10" lithographs, and your choice of a CD or Digital Album.

Track List: 

1. Misery

2. You're My Favorite

3. Where Would I Be?

4. Make Me Like U

5. Truth

6. Used To Love You

7. Send Me a Picture

8. Red Flag

9. Asking 4 It

10. Naughty

11. Me With Out You

12. Rare

Select your choice of CD or Digital Download:

1 x CD or Digital Download
1 x 2 Postcards, Photo Strip, 4 Lithographs -
1 x This Is What The Truth Feels Like Instant Grat Downloads
Total Bundle Price $39.98