Gwen To Perform on the Today Show July 15

On Friday, July 15, Gwen Stefani will perform on the Today Show’s Summer Citi Concert Series. If you are or plan to be in the NYC area, head over to for more info and fan passes!




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 I follow you on Snapchat I'm just amazed how much fun you have with life and your friends and everyone that works with you on the road I just love watching your Snapchat's every single day you work so hard for your money I don't think I ever see your home and it's fun to see Blake with you  and watching your children I think  The funniest video I've seen on Snapchat it's been all you guys went in that vehicle through the lake and everyone was so dirty and Blakes always cooking for everybody I read something on a cover same plate with prejudice I really don't believe any of those now not that I ever did but he treats all your dancers and singers with such respect and fun!  I know I've asked you before but I'm a 58-year-old woman that's a hairdresser it's at four heart attacks it's been with my husband for 39 years and we just keep having more and more and more fun but lives on the edge right now and one of his concerts I really would like to come backstage and say hi to you I live an hour from San Francisco you have a need a ride lol  make sure that you make time for Gwen  I hope you meditate !  They're telling me that's the only thing that will save my life to meditate and do yoga so Monday morning that's my goal