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Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylists
Tonight's look was all about 80’s Rock and roll glamour. The graphic stripes of the dress are a Gwen classic. The black and gold sequined long sleeve with short hem silhouette gave us the ultimate glam vibe that we were going for. The hair and makeup combo also helped tell the story of our Jerry Hall inspired look.
Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist

Power dressing. Power Hair. 
A gorgeous, healthy cascade of voluminous wave. Swept to the side. Clearing the face.
Instagram: @officialdanilohair
Mary Phillips – Makeup Artist
Gwen is a beauty chameleon, and it makes experimenting with looks so much fun! There is 100% inspiration from Jerry Hall with the over-all vibe, but Gwen being Gwen, she makes it her own.
Back then - more makeup was exactly that, more! Instead, we aimed for clean, sharp and modern with sophisticated and versatile textures and formulations.
Contouring, blush, bronze and highlight in perfect harmony (with little pops of color) for the skin and eyes are key when it comes to keeping the look current and fresh!
Liner, lashes, and many coats of mascara are ideal for creating a statement eye that isn't overly dramatic at the same time. It pops but it's still soft, that's the goal.
The brows should be model-off-duty, but not exaggerated, they're still groomed. Think more 70's brow than 80's brow. Brow mascara is ging be a great tool in achieving this look as well!
A high watt, super glossy, red patent leather lip will be the cherry on top! After you make a perfect lip line, go over with lipstick or a lip pigment that you apply with a lip brush for extra precision, and then seal it with a coat of gloss!
Instagram: @1maryphillips



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