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Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylists
Tonight's look was a take on modern Victorian elegance. The dark teal dress had a hint of gold sparkle subtle to the the eye, but lights up while on TV. There was a great combo of lace and ruffle for added wow factor. All perfect details for a Live show statement.
Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi

Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
Chic elegance.
After some delicious hair care we blew out Gwen’s hair with a leave in moisture spray in addition to a light volumizer. Then, brush and arrange sides and back into a high ponytail. Smooth top and incorporate into tail. Twist and arrange into a chignon finish. Pin to secure. Mist with hairspray and let the fun begin.
Instagram: @officialdanilohair
Mary Phillips – Makeup Artist
I was really inspired by Gwen's dress and tried to mimic touches of that throughout her makeup, woven into the tiniest details so that it didn't look matchy-matchy, instead aiming for complementary, keeping it soft and beautiful along with something that glided within the dress's intricate and romantic details.
The eye we kept in a sultry 60's shape, and with those types of makeup looks, it's all about the eye! Anything from that era – a flicked upper eye line, an accentuated crease, matte eye shadows (primarily in greys, greens and blues), soft blusher and nude lipsticks that when using color, ranged from soft reds to corals and pinks.
Taking the dress into consideration, I used a black sheet shadow with a metallic teal and applied in a diffused arch, working from inside to outside, creating a modern "mod" eye.
A soft peach blush was swooshed along the apples of the cheeks and blended upwards to the temples and hairline, which added warmth and subtle definition.
The nude lip was very complimentary to her skin and hair color, and still popped a little bit at the same time. Finding your nude is key! With a faint application of lip liner to start, and a swipe of gloss for dimension to finish, it completed her entire makeup look with an end result of a sophisticated throwback, that was in no way over-powering, it just lent to Gwen's natural beauty - enhancing what she already has!
Instagram: @1maryphillips



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