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Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylists
Today's look was Gwen's classic favorite performance silhouettes. We did an all-white version of her favorite bondage pants with a white corset embellished with a silver rhinestone heart. We also added flowers to the corset and lace detail to back of the pants to make an otherwise tomboy look to feel feminine and angelic.
Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
Tonight’s Pony Punk Angel.
Hair arranged in a grooming manor, appearing short and slicked, straight on. Smooth hair with spray leave in conditioner (also good for a day old hair). Brush well and secure length into preferred height of ponytail. Rear or profile reveal a straight ponytail. Tip is dipped in black mascara. I like using semi-permanent for this.
What's needed for this look:
1. Refresh with a leave in conditioner
2. Blow out
3. Smooth texture using leave in crème with each flat iron section for a sleek tassel effect
I used hooked elastics to keep it tight and firm. Lots of great beauty and classic lines.
Instagram: @officialdanilohair
Gregory Arlt – Makeup Artist
Celestial punk glam on Gwen this eve, shining from head to toe. I was inspired by her otherworldly, shimmering corset and continued the ethereal glow by adding a generous blend of holographic golds and silver glitter all over her lids, which I also incorporated into her crystalized lip gloss. A black punky, linear liner defined her eyes with several coats of mascara and lashes.  I then added an astral glow to her cheeks by blending cool and warm blush tones with highlighter to enhance her inner glow.
Instagram: @gregoryarlt



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