Rob & Mariel – Wardrobe Stylists
Last night’s look was our take on a rock and roll Egyptian inspired vibe. The dress was made of woven gold metallic and black strips of leather, accessorized with a gold collar necklace that mimicked the same basket weaving from the dress. As with all of Gwen's looks, the hair and makeup are both an important part of the overall look!
Instagram: @MarielWasHere
Instagram: @RobZangardi
Danilo Dixon – Hairstylist
Texture and gold. Half up, half down.
Hair set in a trilogy of pin curl patterns creating a mix of wave patterns. Top up in a pony and finger brushed into an explosion of curls. Seal the deal with spray and boom there it is.
Instagram: @officialdanilohair
Mary Phillips – Makeup Artist
Golden goddess with a bit of an edge!
Makeup wise, I was very inspired by Cleopatra, and one of my all-time beauty muses is Elizabeth Taylor, who not only played her in the 1963 film, but also did her own makeup that she re-created from Hollywood make-up artist Alberto De Rossi sketches.
THAT take on the makeup then (and keep in mind it's the 60’s) incorporates blue into two separate looks, and we were thinking, how would that be revisited today?
We placed a more electric turquoise blue onto the lower lash-line verses the upper, which made it seem more modern and playful.
For the eyes, ancient Egyptian eye makeup is one of the most influential of all times as far as the vast interpretations of it today - It's very exaggerated with patterns, shapes, cat eyes of all proportions, and the differentiation between the varying tails and wings at the end of the liner, it's quite fascinating actually, but over-all, an Egyptian eye is bold, opulent and powerful. You'll need liquid liners, pencil liners, a few different formulations of eyeshadows, lashes, a few coats of a slick - jet black mascara, and brushes that range from very precise flat and pointy, to fluffy. You have to get the lines right for this, and everything has to be blended to perfection!
The lips we kept a warm, apricot, honey-nude - ultra glossy, and that's also a shade that we mimicked within her cheeks, and also her eyes - it serves as almost the backdrop shades to the liner. The brows we kept full, but groomed. You do not want a stencil brow when creating such definition with the eye-liner, it detracts from the entire look, keep the shape feathered and healthy.
When you're going more intense with a certain aspect of the makeup, just keep in mind that with the rest, less is more - and that's how you create balance and flow. Gwen is so incredible to work with and can wear any look, she's a makeup artist's dream!
Instagram: @1maryphillips



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