To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Love.Angel.Music.Baby., the album has been remastered by five-time GRAMMY nominee Chris Gehringer (Rihanna, Drake, Lady Gaga) of Sterling Sound. Interscope Records will release Love.Angel.Music.Baby. – 15th Anniversary Edition in digital format on November 22.

Gwen Stefani, a three-time GRAMMY winner, will perform a medley of songs from Love.Angel.Music.Baby. on the Top 11 live results show of “The Voice” airing Tuesday, November 26 at 8pm ET/PT on NBC. She is now in her fourth season as a coach on the Emmy-winning NBC series. Today, Stefani reissued two items from the original Love.Angel.Music.Baby. merchandise collection – a hoodie and a t-shirt, both including a digital download of the remastered album. They are now available at



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Hello.This is Ray R.G from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada.I would like to tell you guys that i listen to Gwen S. 15th anniversary album of Love .Angel.Music.Baby.on spotify. I would like to tell you guys that i really like it. I like the song luxurious because she nailed it to describe my late mother and father relationship when they were together it brought me to tears listening to that song. Also i listen to and watch the aol music video harajuko girls i would like to say that there is nothing wrong with the song or music video as she is open minded and accepts  people of different culture/religion to work for her including people with dissibilities (handicap) with her boyfriend Blake S. and her 3 kids.I believe the whole family is not raciest or discriminate against people of the world.We should live in world peace not in a raciest/discriminate war please. I would recommend anybody to buy this album for a Christmas gift to anyone. Thank-you Ray R.G