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Hi Gwen!!  I am new to your site!!  Thank you for re-entering the music scene!! I loved watching you on The Voice!  I love, love, love your  new music!!!!!  I am so sorry that your marriage didn't work out!!! You could tell that you were very hurt by all of it!  But hey, look at the bright came back strong girl!!!  You launched "I Used To Love You", which was definitely a song against  Gavin!  When you sang "I Used To Love You" on The Voice, it was very obvious that you were still hurting!! But, again, look at the bright now have an awesome relationship with the gorgeous Blake Shelton!!!  And now your 2nd release, "Make Me Like You", is obviously aimed at Blake!!  I love both songs, and they both are songs that people can relate to!  I just bought your new CD yesterday!!  I have been listening to it all day!  Great music!  I am hoping to see you in Indianapolis this summer!  I have  been a fan of yours for over 20 years!!  Speaking of Indianapolis, are you going to be at the track with Blake in May?  I would really like to meet you!  You seem like you would be a genuine, awesome friend!  Hang in there, enjoy the ride, and let life take you wherever God has in store for you!!  Love ya girl!!!